Unloading the Garden Secret 4you® cellar  

Do the vehicles we use for transportation have the ability to unload?

The vehicles with which we deliver Garden Secret 4you® are not equipped with an unloading device. These types of vehicles are very heavy and we know from experience that they cannot be driven close enough to the excavation.

What parameters must be met by a crane that can be used to unload the Garden Secret 4you® cellar?

A crane with a reach of at least 10 meters is required for unloading. The cellar shall be suspended by a minimum of four slings of a minimum length of 6 meters, stretched on brackets mounted at the top of the cellar. Unloading requires at least two people for belaying and a crane operator. Each unloading is photographed by our supplier.

Damage caused by improper unloading is not grounds for complaint.

Can you manually unload Garden Secret 4you®?

Garden Secret 4you® should be unloaded using a crane. Manual unloading or use of equipment other than a crane may cause damage and void the warranty.

Who provides the crane?

Because each destination and installation site is different, providing the crane is the responsibility of the investor.

Does the driver have unloading straps with them?

Yes, our driver will have the straps with them. 

The crane operator, on the other hand, should have chains or slings that are necessary for unloading.