Using Garden Secret 4you® cellars – the most important information

What is the temperature and humidity in the cellar?

The temperature is variable. Its value depends on the season and the method of ventilation. In turn, a properly installed cellar effectively protects the contents from frost as well as from high temperatures.

In summer, the temperature stays between 8-14 degrees Celsius, while in winter it is between 3-10 degrees.

To get the best temperature and humidity parameters, pay attention to location. It’s best to locate the cellar in a shaded area. However, it shouldn’t be located in the direct vicinity of trees due to the growth of their root system. 

Is the Garden Secret 4you® cellar ventilated?

Yes, the interior of the cellar is ventilated mechanically and by gravity, using special openings. Air humidity can be controlled with a hygrometer. This is standard equipment for Garden Secret 4you® cellars, manufactured by NAWI Design. 

How is the ventilation executed?

Mechanical and gravity ventilation is executed by means of PCV piping. The ventilation outlet is completed with two chimneys with a height of about 60 cm. It is possible to route ventilation in another convenient place – by connecting ventilation with an elbow and extending straight pipes. It is important that the horizontal pipes that are routed are laid towards the chimney outlet at a 4-5 degree upward angle. This will ensure that the ventilation is working properly.

How to terminate the ventilation output?

The standard termination for vent pipes is a mushroom hood chimney. It is a part of the standard cellar equipment. Customers can finish the chimney with any other solution available on the market.  

Can groundwater damage the cellar?

Groundwater poses a threat to any type of facility embedded in the ground. It is advisable to provide drainage of the cellar to be embedded so as to protect it from deformation or displacement. Refer to the user and installation instructions for detailed information on preparing the drain.

Do I need to frost-proof the cellar?

There is no need for this. We don’t have to worry because the product is resistant to sub-zero temperatures. Additionally, the very fact that the cellar is installed in an excavation protects it from frost.

How do I keep my Garden Secret 4you® cellar and its systems clean?

We recommend that you regularly inspect your cellar for cleanliness and patency of the ventilation system. It is worth taking care of ongoing removal of sand and dirt. 

The interior is best cared for with a soft cloth or mop that has been moistened with a floor and laminate surface care product. 

Under no circumstances should powders or highly corrosive detergents be used. To keep the laminate pleasing to the eye for as long as possible, you should try to avoid scratching its surface. We recommend mops and cloths with micro fibers and antistatic liquids to prevent dust buildup and electrification of the laminate.

How will the condition of the inside of the cellar be after several years?

The Garden Secret 4you® cellar is made of durable elements of the highest quality. With proper maintenance, the cellar will last for many years.