Transporting the Garden Secret 4you® cellar  

How much does the Garden Secret 4you® cellar weigh?

This depends on the model you choose. 

Choosing from a range of standard sizes, the weight of the cellar will range from 780 to 1900 kg.

How much does delivery cost?

We set the cost of delivery individually due to a large number of variable factors. The price will depend on the size of the cellar you choose, the distance, and the country you are shipping the product to.

How to prepare for delivery day?

If you have chosen the option of payment on delivery, you should prepare the deducted amount and make a settlement with our employee before unloading. We recommend that all construction work associated with the installation of the cellar, i.e. the excavation including the concrete slab poured at the bottom, be already done. The place where the cellar will be placed should be cleared of soil, sand and stones. This will prevent damage to the cellar structure during unloading.

A crane with a minimum arm reach of 10 meters and a minimum overhang of 6 to 8 meters is required for unloading. If, on the other hand, the truck delivering the cellar cannot drive close enough to the excavation, the crane arm reach should be similarly longer. Meeting these conditions will ensure a safe installation.