Electrical installation in Garden Secret 4you® cellars

Does the cellar require an electrical connection?

The Garden Secret 4you® cellar comes with all electrical wiring and lighting installed. A power connection is required to use it. The cellar can only be supplied with 1-phase voltage, which is 230 volts.

The cellar comes standard with a power cord that is located at the top of the cellar.

Secure electrical wires in a conduit and run them underground to the main power source. In the Garden Secret Premium 4you® cellar, there is also a connection for a TV antenna and Internet access, if it was equipped with the RELAX SPACE module. 

How and at what point do I make a power connection to the cellar?

The power connection should be made after the Garden Secret 4you® cellar has been placed in the excavation. Connect the cable that came with the cellar to a hermetically sealed junction box.

What type of lighting is the cellar equipped with?

The Garden Secret 4you® cellar is equipped with LED lighting, with a minimum lifespan of 50,000 hours. The lighting is connected to a 24 volt transformer.

What kind of electrical installation does the Garden Secret 4you® cellar have?

The internal power supply is brought to the cellar by a three-core cable. The electric cabinet is equipped with residual current protection.