Finishing the entrance to the cellar and the area around it

Should the entrance stairs to the Garden Secret 4you® cellar be bricked up?

After the foundation slab has dried and the Garden Secret 4you® cellar has settled, concrete block foundations should be made for all stair treads to level the free space between the cellar structure and the blocks. The foundation should be made directly on the foundation slab. Wedge the gap between the contact of stairs and blocks and fill it with assembly foam. Fill in the voids with cement mortar or low expansion foam.

How do you finish the area after the cellar is installed?

After filling in the cellar, all the space around the entrance remains at your disposal, which you can use for any arrangement of green architecture. A recommended solution is to purchase roll-out grass, the spreading of which is a quick way to aesthetically finish the surface. This prevents mud and other debris from construction activities from being brought into the cellar. However, do not finish the area above the cellar with pavers or heavy concrete slabs.

Can the cellar be used immediately after it is installed?

A properly installed cellar can be used right away. 

There are also no restrictions on the movement of the ground surface above the cellar, even the passage of a ride-on lawnmower is allowed. However, it is important to remember that the ground above the cellar should not be loaded permanently.