Interior parameters of Garden Secret 4you® cellars

What is the area of the inside of the cellar?

Garden Secret 4you® cellar models vary depending on the configuration. The smallest cellar is 14m3, and the largest standard cellar is 41m3. Detailed dimensions can be found on the product data sheet and in the NAWI Design offer. 

However, there is a possibility of extending the cellars in the Standard and Premium versions by additional modules with a length of 2 rm for the Standard version and 3 rm for the Premium version. 

What is the load capacity of the shelves?

Depending on the Garden Secret 4you® model, the load capacity of each shelf is between 60 and 120KG.

What is the surface area of the shelves? 

Similar to the topic of load capacity, the area of the shelves depends on the choice of model. This ranges from 9.6 to about 26 m2 for the Garden Secret 4you® models. For the models in the Eco Secret line these values range from 8.9 to 26.2m2. These values apply to products in the standard range. At the request of our customers, we can produce a cellar with custom dimensions.

Are the shelves resistant to moisture?

Certainly! The shelves are protected by a special impregnation that protects the plywood from moisture and guarantees easy cleaning.