Entrance to the cellar

The entrance to the cellar was made with a special flap. This is the only part of the cellar visible from the outside. I invite you to read the most important information about it.  

Is the entrance flap insulated?

Each Garden Secret 4you® entry flap has a polyurethane foam core for insulation.

Does the entrance flap have a locking mechanism?

The entrance to Garden Secret 4you® is secured with a key lock. 

Does the entrance flap open automatically?

The entrance flap is opened manually, while gas cylinders are installed to make this task as easy as possible.

Can you walk on the entrance flap?

Do not walk or stand on the entrance flap. The flap, in addition to its closing function, is also an aesthetic element. By stepping on the entrance flap, the entrance surface may be damaged.

Are the stairs slip-resistant?

The laminate staircase and the spiral staircase of the Garden Secret Premium 4you® model have steps with a non-slip herringbone surface. It is a solution that managed to combine functionality with elegant design.