Preparing a site for the installation of a garden cellar

What kind of soil is suitable for the installation of Garden Secret 4you® and Eco Secret cellars?

Any soil that allows excavation is suitable for the installation of a cellar. The foundation of the cellar should be on native soil, not piled up. If you decide to install it on a piled up substrate – make sure it can bear the required load – min. 1000 kg/m2.

What dimensions should the excavation have?

The size of the excavation depends on the cellar model you choose and its configuration.

Note that the size of the excavation should be larger than the outline of the chosen cellar by at least 60 cm.

Is a foundation slab necessary for installation?

A concrete bottom slab is a must for placing a NAWI Design cellar in the ground. It insulates the cellar from unstable soil, micro vibrations and prevents the occurrence of possible cracks. A 12 to 20 cm thick reinforced concrete foundation slab should be constructed on the reinforced soil.

Should a safe zone be designated during earth works?

It is not allowed to operate construction machinery within 2 m of the edge of the excavation during earth works. It is forbidden to move vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the excavation during and after the construction works.