Discover the Eco Secret® Garden Cellars by NAWI Design

Why invest in the Eco Secret® garden cellar by NAWI Design?

The Eco Secret® Garden Cellar from NAWI Design is the perfect way to have extra space in your garden. This is the cheapest model in our range, a budget solution for creating a convenient storage space – both for food and garden equipment. The entrance to the cellar was designed to take up as little of the interior floor space as possible. 

What can the Eco Secret® cellar be used for?

The cellar can be used not only as a place for preserves, but also as a storage room for various garden equipment. We also offer a ready-made technical room for the operation of a garden pool, which is called Comfort Technik Box (CTB). It’s a module equipped with an advanced water filtration and treatment system.

What material is the Eco Secret® cellar made of?

The Eco Secret® garden cellar is made of polyethylene.

Its key features include: 

  • low density and weight compared to other construction materials,
  • high impact resistance at both elevated and low temperatures,
  • very good frictional and sliding properties,
  • zero moisture absorption,
  • very good electrical insulating properties and very good chemical resistance.

What internal dimensions does the Eco Secret® cellar have?

The cellar has a modular design. 

The standard product sold consists of one module with the following dimensions: 229 x 203 x 217 cm (length x width x height) 

The cellar can be expanded with additional modules of the same size.

What is the surface area of the shelves?

The area of shelves in a standard Eco Secret® cellar is as much as 8,7m2.

The shelves are made of strong plywood.

How is Eco Secret® transported and unloaded?

You can pick up your cellar in person by providing the appropriate means of transportation for its size, or use our product delivery service. 

Upon delivery, the Eco Secret® cellar should be unloaded with a crane with a reach of at least 10 meters. The cellar is suspended on a minimum of four slings with a minimum length of 6 meters (!), stretched on brackets mounted at the top of the cellar. Depending on the cellar variant, the attachment points for the slings will be marked accordingly on the delivered cellar.

This will ensure safe unloading from the car without the risk of damaging it.