How to choose the right cellar?

How to plan your budget when buying a Garden Secret 4you® or Eco Secret® garden cellar?

Our laminate cellars are divided into two product lines.

The Eco Secret® line is a compact type of cellar whose sole purpose is food storage. It is a maximally budget optimized product with a compact size. 

The Garden Secret 4you® line meets the needs of demanding customers. The price of products varies depending on the selected version, number of additional modules, type of equipment and finishing. 

Current product prices are available on our website 

Which laminate garden cellar model will be right for me?

When considering this topic, we recommend that you begin by defining the purpose of the cellar. 

You must answer the following questions:

  • Is it intended to serve only as food storage? 
  • And if so, how many preserves and other products do I need to fit in there? 
  • Or am I expecting more from this place? How about a space for peace and relaxation? 

If you share the answers to these questions with our salespeople, it will be easier for us to offer a solution that fits your needs and capabilities.