Advantages of garden cellars

Our products are divided into two main lines. 

Eco Secret® – the smallest and simplest design in our offer, to which we devote chapter number 5, and the Garden Secret 4you® series – which is available in Basic, Standard and Premium versions.

Why invest in NAWI Design’s laminate garden cellars? 

A garden cellar makes everyday life easier and provides a moment of respite. 

One of the main arguments for purchasing NAWI Design products is that you can create additional space without losing valuable garden area. The generated space can serve various functions – from food storage, to a water filtration system for a garden pool, to a place of relaxation and respite.

We present selected advantages of our laminate cellar models – Garden Secret 4you® and Eco Secret®:

  1. The size of your refrigerator is no longer a limitation to grocery shopping. You can conveniently store products without having to visit stores all the time. Think of NAWI Design’s garden cellar as your own personal store, available to you 24/7.
  2. NAWI Design garden cellars create the best storage conditions for vegetables, fruits, dairy and many other products. It’s health for your family!
  3. Food storage is not the only use of garden cellars. In fact, their use depends on the size of the model the customer decides on and the imagination. The Garden Secret 4you® garden cellar can become your refuge. A place where you can finish the work brought from the office or just relax in silence.
  4. It’s also worth to mention the material value of installing a garden cellar. This unique solution will increase the prestige and value of your property for future resale.

What is the Garden Secret 4you® cellar made of?

A great advantage of NAWI Design cellars is the type of material they are made of. Laminate is a material that insulates well against moisture. Since 1997 we have been a manufacturer of polyester pools, which gives us confidence in the solutions used. The interior finish, on the other hand, is completed with durable plywood.

Quality workmanship guarantees many years of trouble-free use.